First Home Buyers

First Home Buyers are a specialty, Link Mortgage Brokers have helped Hundreds of people purchase their first homes.

We understand the First Home Owners Grant, Shared Equity and Low Income Housing finance.

We can also help with Casual Employment applicants and Parental Guarantees.

With access to over 30 Lenders Australia wide, our highly experienced brokers will research all the lenders available to you. We will prepare a Comparison Report for your information, detailing the various options, costs and benefits available from a selection of lenders that suit your personal needs.


Refinancing you existing loans can have many benefits, it can free up money for other uses, reduce your existing payments and save money! You could purchase a partners share or bring a partner in.

If your current loan is over 3 years old, you are almost certainly paying more than you need to. A quick chat with one of our Brokers will let you know if there are any benefits for you in refinancing your existing loans.

Buying A New Home

Buying a new home is an exciting time. You may be up-sizing, down-sizing or changing location or lifestyle. Purchasing a new home is always a big commitment and needs to be thought through carefully.

At Link Mortgages we take the time to find out what your plans are, we help you navigate through the sometimes complex world of finance and find the right loan for you. Getting a pre-approval will assist you in understanding the costs and benefits involved in purchasing your new home.

The first step is to call our friendly team on 9272 9344 or use the Contact Us form and one of our team members will be in touch.

           REMEMBER: Brokers do not charge for their services, we act on your behalf and we represent YOU, not the lender.