Everyone needs transport for personal or business use.

Unfortunately getting a vehicle loan can be confusing, especially when the Caryard is offering you finance as well as selling you the vehicle!

When caryards are advertising "1% Comparison Rates" and the Actual Interest Rate can fluctuate wildly to 18% or more, it becomes confusing.

It's a Finance method called 'Subvention' where most of the interest payment is built into the price of the car. You pay 1% and the caryard pays the Finance Company the rest of the interest afterwards, making the car much more expensive to you, the buyer.

If you have a pre-approval in place, the caryard is far more likely to reduce the sale price by around 8 - 10%, the amount they would have had to pay the Finance Company.

You get a lower priced car, and that also reduces the GST, Stamp Duty and Luxury car tax (if applicable) added to the cost of the vehicle as well....

Your Link Mortgages broker can smooth out the bumps in the road.

Our Brokers have access to Vehicle Finance at rates much lower than those charged by many caryards.

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 Vehicle Loans tailored to your needs, not the caryards!